After having my two kids, I was craving something to get my body back into shape and provide me with the mental break that I needed. From the beginning of my journey with Pilates I fell in love with it in every aspect, from the way it made me feel, both physically and mentally - I knew this was the career path for me. Using Pilates postnatal dramatically helped my recovery from pregnancy. It built my body into the strongest, leanest and healthiest shape its ever been. Using short effective workouts with minimal to no equipment in short spaces of time.

Working out now feels like a reward, whereas before it felt like chore I had to put my body through, leaving me feeling exhausted. I want to share my passion for Pilates, workouts and knowledge to help others who are looking for low impact movement that gains long lasting results.

My focus is on creating a positive environment surrounding movement, lifestyle and food to empower others to find their own balance. I don’t believe in quick fixes or trends, I believe its all about finding balance and what works for YOU.

Want to join me?